"Thirty-five years into the band's career, Guided By Voices has just released a bold, infectious and ever-vital new album called Space Gun." - NPR All Songs Considered

"Pollard is still remaking his rock heroes in his own's pretty great." - Rolling Stone

"Pollard is a singular figure in rock 'n' roll history." - Magnet 8.5/10

"15 more blink-and-you'll miss 'em hook-fests with reliably wacko phraseology ... a generous and potent fix of Pollard eccentricity." - MOJO 4/5

"a herculean rock record that is equal parts power and beauty from the unparalleled creative force of Robert Pollard." - The Ash Gray Proclamation

"While some bands can mellow and smooth with age, Guided by Voices continue to unleash both on record and on stage." - Ghettoblaster

"Robert Pollard and his band of merry men use every trick in the book and create a masterpiece." - The Fire Note

"an exhilarating rush of well-oiled playing, great production and even better tunes, and it displays the tightest-ever Guided by Voices lineup at full bore." - Glide 9/10

"Guided by Voices are quietly in the midst of a late-career renaissance." - All Music

"Robert Pollard could easily coast on his laurels repeating formulas for the rest of his life, he could go full tilt into his more experimental side, or he could do what he does with Space Gun and raise the baseline of a Guided By Voices record. These are great songs." - Popbollocks

"One of the all-time great GBV recordings, and a sign that Pollard's well is not only far from dry, but perhaps flooding as we speak." - Uncle Bob Song Factory


"Pollard's unprecedented creative spark shows no signs of going dark" - Magnet 8.5/10

"this album and its immediate predecessor seem to indicate Pollard continues to be in peak-form" - ABC News

"Some of these songs rank among the most intimate and earthbound in the band's bottomless canon" - Pitchfork

"Pollard seems to have done it again...These are great songs. They make a great album." - Sputnik Music

"A super-cohesive new argument for any fan of rock & roll who hasn't been jumped into the cult yet." - Glide

"An instant classic." - The Fire Note

"If calling it "pop" is too generalist and vague for these peculiar song-poems, perhaps "odd-pop" captures the balance struck here, between the accessible and the idiosyncratic, the gut and the dreaming brain." - The Memphis Flyer


"August by Cake is not only an album but an accomplishment...It's soaked in victory, gratitude, and awe for the gift of music." - Glide 8/10

"A work of sprawling ambition" - Crack Magazine

"A surprising rebirth for one of indie rock's most challenging veteran acts" - ABC News ****

"The album is so strong that it's possible had this been released instead of Bee Thousand at the time, it would've had the same impact." - Under The Radar 8/10

"The potential for the roller-coaster to go flying off the tracks is, as always, part of the fun." - AV Club

"August by Cake is an emblem of generosity." - Tidal

"a grab-bag of all the things that have made various versions of this act so great for so long...The wildly-prolific god of American alt-rock has hit some kind of peak with this one." - A Pessimist is Never Disappointed


"It's funny as hell, something we wouldn't normally expect from a band on their final release, but ultimately an all-the-more-fitting middle finger out the door." - CLRVNT

"The 17-track Laughs Last is the 14th LP by Circus Devils, and it finds Uncle Bob and the Tobias brothers in their all-over-the-place greatness." - Magnet


"Lithuanian Bombshells, is the kind of fist-pumper that Robert Pollard does so well." - Brooklyn Vegan

"One of the most exciting developments in the recent Pollardverse" 9/10 rating -Magnet


"Please Be Honest is a decidedly lo-fi album, hearkening back to the days of Vampire On Titus, or even the immortal Bee Thousand. Like so many GBV albums, it's hard not to marvel at the deceptive simplicity of Pollard's songwriting." - AV Club

"Much of Please Be Honest is filled with mid-tempo material, but unlike his recent work, Pollard seems obsessed with guitar textures and vocal effects here, making Please Be Honest an intriguing success. " - Exclaim!

"If a smokestack tenor spewing a cloud menagerie is your kind of daydream, the faulty superhero came through once again." - Magnet Magazine

"Please Be Honest is the kind of album that not only requires more than one listen but also deserves it. The confusion yields to discovery each time through, and what once sounded like a throwaway or a partial attempt reveals itself as something more complex." - Eleven Music Mag


"A true craftsman at his best." - Uncut

"Keep them coming please Mr. Pollard." 9/10 - Louder Than War

"Amped-up sound produces gratifying results across the board. " - Magnet Magazine

"Still capable of surprises; songwriters bow ye heads in penance." - Ear Buddy

"You'd do well to put an ear to the sky as they whiz by you." - MXDWN

"Raw, impressive, and something that you can slide through your living room playing air guitar to in your underwear. Robert Pollard is not an artist that needs to change his style to keep up with the times - he has made his own name with his classic style and a perfect blend of ripping guitar and classic drums." - Indie Band Guru

"Of Course You Are is a succinct reminder of Robert Pollard's lyrical penmanship." - Pop Matters


"He might be one of the best writers of pop hooks that pop radio ignored " - ABC News


"Catnip for the faithful; nectar for strayed sheep; ample safe grazing for the uninitiated. What a man. " - Magnet Magazine

"I found myself beaming at my computer screen like an ear-budded idiot. " - Overblown

"A record choc full of quantum sized pop hooks and sublimely beautiful lyricism. " - The Ash Gray Proclamation

"This could prove to be a bit of a golden year for an artist that undoubtedly has a lot more music up his sleeve. " - 9/10 Neon Filler

"How does he do it? Once again the insanely prolific Robert Pollard has delivered another nugget of ear candy " - 8/10 Soundlab

"This is unquestionably his most concise, composed work in years. It's complex without sacrificing catchiness, fleshed-out without losing spontenaiety." - 8.5/10 Line Of Best Fit


"Even though this is far from being alone powerful lure in a theoretical musical glass this result personally see it as half full and not half empty. " - Rocking! Greece

"I Sell the Circus is his most consistent, strongest and infectious solo album to date, topping even the recent GBV 'reunion' projects. " - 10/10 Soundlab

"Weaves eccentric charms into its tight compositions, and in that way has marked the start of an interesting new path for Pollard and these players." - 7/10 Pop Matters

"I Sell The Circus is an automatic shot of adrenaline that pulses in the name of classic rock that salutes old school working bands like Cheap Trick and Thin Lizzy. Ricked Wicky have paid their dues and I Sell The Circus is Pollard's loud announcement that he is alive and kicking!" - 4/5 Fire Note

"The album feels like a coherent collection of raw, fist-pumping rock, showing a curious array of familiar influences from The Cars to Big Star to the Who." - Bearded Magazine

"Pollard puts down some of his best writing and clearest singing in years" - Stereo Embers

"This is an album for anyone born and raised with the inherently youthful and yearning spirit of rock ringing in their bones." - Paste Magazine

"More than 30 years later, Pollard is still expanding his well-honed musical empire one shaggy, unfettered record at a time." - Consequence of Sound


"Might be the best Circus Devils album yet." - 5 stars ***** Fire Note


"More Lies is an album where you should expect the unexpected" - 8/10 - Line of Best Fit

"Teenage Guitar is a little weirder, a little rougher around the edges, but takes more chances and rocks just as hard. Here's hoping Bob lets this alter ego out of the house a little more often." - 4/5 - Fire Note


"intense concon, gènèreux en dècharges èlectriques et fulgurances mèlodiques - Jalouse (France)

"You should get this album. It's possibly one of the best GBV have done although making that judgement surely must be one of the more difficult choices you woud have to make." - Echoes and Dust

"Cool Planet is pretty reflective of everything the band have done since re-forming in 2010. Still in thrall to The Beatles, The Who and bubblegum pop in general, the main difference this time is the choice to record in a proper studio - although they retain their overall lo-fi approach." - The Digital Fix

"Cool Planet’s strongest facet is by far its structure and composition." - Music OMH

"Cool Planet proves yet again that Guided by Voices can still matter today." - Paste Magazine

"When he first arrived on the didn't take anyone long to see him as the heir to Dylan's legacy as the mid-west's favorite son, and Robert Pollard has left no stone unturned in securing this legacy. Cool Planet is yet another worthy addition to his esteemed cannon." - Soundblab


"Each listen reveals moments easily missed the first time around, and they become the moments where Pollardís underappreciated genius shines brightest." 4 stars **** - Music OMH

"Itís not just the newest Guided By Voices album; itís their best album since the reunion and one of the bandís best albums period." 5 stars ***** - Fire Note

"Another dazzling display of wholly justifiable arrogance" - Sunday Times

"Pollard's aesthetic uses the imperfection in the method and turns it into an act of grace." 9/10 - Soundblab

"Electrifying." 8/10 - The Line Of Best Fit

"Play it again" 7/10 - NME


"This year alone he's released at least 30 borderline classics across 5 albums." 7/10 - The Line Of Best Fit

"16 lightly fried examples of his gift for surrealist pop / classic rock synthesis" 4 stars **** - Mojo

"Chalk this one up as a hit." 4 stars **** - The Skinny

"Certainly stands among his best" - 8/10 Magnet


"On Honky Tonk. Robert Pollard is reaching new heights and depths with his songcraft..." - The Line Of Best Fit

"A man who has said so much already but still has so much left to say." - Pitchfork

".... an album whose creator sees no end to his personal diamond field of songwriting..." - Sound & Vision

"It's a consistent and, at times, deeply thoughtful record that is pleasantly familiar while offering occasional surprises." 4/5 Stars - Music OMH

"One of Robert Pollard's strongest solo outings to date!" 4.5/ Stars - The Fire Note

"All it took was 20 records with Guided by Voices and 19 solo releases for Robert Pollard to really find his voice." - Chicago Reader

"Robert Pollard is one intriguing, totally insane dude." 8.0 rating - Paste Magazine


"A delightful mixture of oddities and delights" - When You Motor Away

"Teenage Guitar gives Robert Pollard an entire new canvas for his creativity and art!" - The Fire Note

"A careful mess of creative synapses firing off in quiet and loud, frantic and pretty ways." 8/10 - Pop Matters


"This crew is ready to welcome some new converts once more." - 8.5/10 Stars - Magnet Magazine

"GBV's only LP of 2013 and it's a good'un." - 4/5 Stars - MOJO

"It remains a pleasure to hear GBV doing what it does best: cranking out song after song. Like Classic Coke, it may be time for the band to drop the 'classic' from its name; this is simply Guided By Voices, as God and Pollard intended." - The Onion AV Club

"Robert Pollard is like the William Carlos Williams of alternative rock." - Consequence of Sound

"Get the album. And the next one, and the one after that... You won't be disappointed." - When You Motor Away

"Complex and album that has a solid flow and just sounds great!" - 4.5/5 Headphones - The Fire Note

"What an absolute treasure this band remains." - 4/5 Quails - Rock Sucker


"The Bears for Lunch falls into line with other great GBV records by remembering what made the band great in the first place, and then giving us its own spin on it. It's easy to beef up the fidelity when you're writing pop songs this good. So farewell to any questions of rust on the reassembled Guided By Voices. They're back to writing and recording like Hall of Famers. Here's hoping it continues in 2013." - 8/10 Prefix

"The Bears effectively picks up where this line-up left off with 1996's Under the Bushes Under the Stars" - Pitchfork

"Hooky slices of sad pop magic like 'White Flag,' 'Waving at Airplanes,' and the R.E.M.-styled bounce of 'Everywhere Is Miles from Everywhere' sound like new chapters in the band's history of incredibly catchy songs." - All Music

"Yeah, this record is great." VICE Magazine

"This is how to make rock & roll." 12/12 - Savage Henry Magazine

"A testament that the creative magic continues to brew." 4.5/5 - The Fire Note

"The best Guided By Voices album since the band got back together...some of the most joyful guitar pop you'll hear all year and I can't recommend it enough." 9/10 - Neon Filler

"Every song here reminds of just why we fell in love with this band in the first place. The album not only picks up where they left off earlier this year with Class Clown Spots A UFO, it picks up where they left off in 1996. The Bears For Lunch is an outright triumph." -The Ash Gray Proclamation

"Even better than merely having the old gang play the old songs in a new way, they've cranked out 19 terrific new songs." - When You Motor Away

"Guided By Voices just won't stop making good albums...pure tuneful bliss." - New York Music Daily

"The Bears for Lunch shows a group that is capable of simultaneously wielding a familiar rock-and-roll sound and a sinister edginess." - The News Record

"It sounds as if GBV never stopped recording in their garage, and if they haven't, good on them." - SoCal Music Today

"Full of impeccable pop rock and lofi indie rock goodness." - The Stabcast

"Fresh, fun and unpredictable" - 8/10 Shout 4 Music


"Another satisfying and remarkably fresh set of tunes from Robert Pollard." - Prefix

"Another more-than-worthy addition to a pulsating, ever-expanding catalogue...The man knows what he's doing." - 8/10 The Line Of Best Fit

"Going back to the opening track here the question is asked 'Will you go with me?' - well, when it comes to Jack Sells The Cow the answer is definitely yes Mr. Pollard!" - 4/5 The Fire Note

"Pollard is capable of putting out a high-quality album almost monthly" - When You Motor Away

"Jack Sells the Cow puts Pollard at the forefront of the album, with incredible results." - The Thrill of it All


"Great songs rain on Pollard like pennies from heaven." 4 Stars - MOJO

"This is one of the best rock releases of 2012" - When You Motor Away

"Sneakily tuneful" - Pitchfork

"Solid songwriting from Pollard and Tobin Sprout and spirited performances from the whole band" - The Agit Reader


"Loose, grungy guitar-led songs here sound full of renewed energy." 4 Stars - Q Magazine

"Despite his inhuman prolificacy, and his singular approach to songwriting, Pollard never makes the same record twice, and this buckshot spray of quick pop tunes is another wild success in his constantly twisting variations on a theme. It's no small feat that, this far into his career, Pollard hasn't tired of his approach, and continues to push it in subtle and sometimes undefinable ways. That the energy is still there -- and at an irrepresible high -- on this record, is impressive enough. But on top of that, these songs are good enough to make one thing clear: GBV or not, when you're listening to Mouseman Cloud, you are listening to Pollard's main thing." - Prefix Mag

"His oblique wordplay sparkles... the songwriter is in fine form." - Uncut

"Manages to encompass melancholy, wit, and charm with a timeless and catchy as hell effect." - The Ash Gray Proclamation

"He is a petty thief, stealing the uncanny from the rich and giving it back to the poor." - The Agit Reader

"A consistently tuneful and focused platter that recalls his best work under any name... A few tracks are downright classic." - Reverb Music


"Uncle Bob Makes Good With His Old Drinking Buddies." 8/10 - SPIN

"Sweetly touching brain pop... playground psychedelia at its most brilliant and uplifting." - 4 Stars Mojo

"A kaleidoscopic burst of ideas and passion and absurdity." 4 Stars - The Guardian

"Re-formed underground legends return at full pelt." - 4 Stars Q Magazine

"A glorious, frayed-at-the-edges patchwork of bristling garage pop, stadium rock racketeering, saloon-bar tenderness, and nightmarishly ramshackle dirges." 8/10 - NME

"If You Like One GBV Song, You're Bound To Like A Hundred More." - Rolling Stone

"A perfect amalgam of past and present; the scratchy fidelity and lyrical whimsy that won hearts in GBV's Bee Thousand heyday punctuated with sonically forward tracks that pick up where the outfit left off." - Blurt

"This is no lazy retread of minor past glories - GBV appear to be getting gnarlier with age." 9/10 - Uncut

"A true classic." - Relix

"Fans will be happy to see their former drinking buddies up to their old antics." - Filter

"Every bit as sprawling, obtuse and uncompromising as the albums produced by Robert Pollard and company in their mid-90s pomp." - 4 Stars Record Collector

"An excellent collection of songs to kick off 2012" - When You Motor Away

"The album is nothing less than a triumphant return, marked by all the melodic bliss, songwriting eccentricities, and lyrical enigmas that define Robert Pollard, but this time supported by his most crack band of collaborators." - 8/10 Under The Radar

"A suitably scruffy return from the leery, beery, masters of lo-fi." - 4 Stars The Fly

"A classic Guided By Voices record." 9/10 - Neon Filler

"Peppy lead single 'The Unsinkable Fats Domino' hearkens back beautifully to the shoot-from-the-hip power-popping of old." - Pitchfork

"Already a favorite of 2012!" 4.5/5 - The Fire Note

"Just what the world needs from one of the most mythologized indie bands of all time." - Reverb

"Seats shining riffsters alongside hypnotically inscrutable interludes." - Entertainment Weekly

"Stained with the sweat of genius." 4 Stars The Week

"Pollard is, in a contemporary sense, the best poet in the history of rock." Collapse Board


"The album's breadth of ideas mimics Pollard's career these days-all over the place, but still remarkable." - PopMatters

"Let it Beard is the great, ambitious rock record Pollard's been working towards for years and years." 8.5 - prefix

"The perfect culmination of a massive year from Pollard." 5 stars - Las Vegas Weekly

"...this album is in fact a thrill ride" - When You Motor Away

"Let it Beard is one of the most consistently exceptional Pollard releases in recent memory. - Under the Radar

4 stars **** "massively excellent" - The Fire Note

"One of the most varied, engaging, and addictive LP I've heard in years." - Ash Gray Proclamation

"Robert Pollard is enjoying a career renaissance" - Denver Post

"Hopefully, Robert Pollard has made provisions for medical science to study his brain after his death..." - Cowbell

"One of the best albums he's made since Guided by Voices..." 8/10
- Popmatters

"Lord of the Birdcage is really fine music from an underground pop master." - Reverberations

"Smashed Middle Finger," the opening track from his new album Lord of the Birdcage, may be the most immediately bewitching song he's released in recent memory..." - No Ugly Babies

"A cohesive LP filled with haunting acoustics, frantic power pop, and lush balladry." - The Ash Gray Proclamation

"Considering the words themselves can be a very rewarding way to listen to Pollard." - When You Motor Away

"Robert Pollard's streak of sonic consistency continues on his fourth 2011 release Lord Of The Birdcage!" 4/5 - The Fire Note

"One of the most prolific songwriters of his generation." - Bobby Six

"He has managed to create an absolutely unique sound for himself that never seems to tire." - Stereo Subversion


"Two legendary songwriters - Guided by Voices Robert Pollard and Big Dipper's Gary Waleik -- join together here in one more swing for the fences." 8 Stars ******** - Blurt

"The New Theory Of Everything is pretty damn good" - Magnet

The Fire Note says "Pollard's vocals are crystal clear, Waleik's guitar shines throughout and the steady beats from Beerman hold each track in place."

When You Motor Away says "The first song, "New Theory", is a power pop masterpiece... the drumming, the guitars and of course Bob's way with a chorus all combine to kick off the record with a winner, and they never let up."

Bookmat says "The last track, an achingly languorous and slow-burning masterpiece called "Wish You Were Young," features Pollard's uncanny ability to put words together that can break your heart without plying a single sentimental cliché."

All Music Says "4 STARS-Waving At The Astronauts is that rarity, a rock & roll album that's mature, adventurous and exciting at the same time. It's clear Pollard and Gillard bring out the best in one another, and if they have any sense at all, they won't wait another eight years before starting work on Lifeguards Album No. 3."

Pop Matters says "The riveting synergy between Pollard and Gillard on that first track ["Here Comes A Hit"] is just a taste of what's to come. Gillard offers substantial hooks, thick chords, buzzing riffs, eerie piano. Pollard matches each."

The Big Take Over says "Trip the Web," "(Doing the) Math" and "Paradise is Not So Bad" [have] a palpable energy and hooks practically exploding out of the grooves."

Stereo Subversion Asks "How does Pollard make the creation of instant classic rock sound so natural and easy?" (8/10 rating)

Pitchfork says "Space City Kicks is a rich, vibrant album."

Spin says "Defying logic, the famously productive Robert Pollard is getting even more prolific with age."

Ash Gray Proclamation says "Space City Kicks is a superbly crafted pop record riddled with memorable hooks abundant melodies and to our ears the first great record of 2011."

Spinner says Space City Kicks is "an album of punchy, Pollard-style rock anthems that find him tender at times."

The Fire Note says "Space City Kicks offers no fillers, plenty of melody and memorable song transitions that remind me of early holy grail GBV records like Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes."


LA Times writes: "If Matador at 21 were a game, Guided by Voices would've won -- they earned the most encores, the most fist pumping, the most singalongs, the most pushing against the stage and the most chanting of the whole weekend. "

Rolling Stone magazine: "Guided By Voices capped the weekend with an amazing high-energy set..."

Under The Radar says ".... the vibe was one of sheer shared joy...

The LAist says "They can hardly stand still long enough to take it all in. Live, the group's caustic stride has always threatened to veer off the rails."

Spinner says "The quintet was back to its old tricks, mainly with lead singer Robert Pollard's rants, gratuitous cursing, athletic windmills and limber scissor kicks. Of course, Pollard also had his cooler full of beer bottles planted next to the raised drum set, which was illuminated with a neon sign that read "The Club Is Open," a lyric from 'A Salty Salute.'"

Magnet Magazine says "A fit-looking Pollard did pirouettes and pointed one leg at the ceiling like a gymnast warming up for a big meet."

Tracer Magazine says "A rowdy crowd, an exalted entrance and a wall-of-sound take on "A Salty Salute" began Guided By Voices reunion show in Los Angeles."


The A.V. Club says Our Cubehouse Still Rocks is an anthem-heavy affair that's the band's best work to date

The LAist says the songs "John The Dwarf Wants To Become An Angel" and "Fly Away (Terry Sez)" are the kind of perfectly-crafted pop songs that seem effortless in Pollard's hands.

The New Gay says "Cubehouse earns our grooviest rating: ten fist-pumps."

Wires and Waves says the album adds up to a sum of more than its parts through consistent execution and sequencing

Exclaim says "Cubehouse's heart is built of hooks and classic rock valentines that ring through effortless muscle car anthems..."

"This most British Invasion-centric Spaceships LP is further proof of Robert Pollard's amazing songcraft showing no signs of decline." - Top 20 Albums of 2010, Magnet

"Their fourth album glides in on gently fuzzed, unshakeable earworm riffs, glided by Pollard's ludicrous yet addictive lyrics." - Sunday Times of London


Blurt says "Pollard seems to be aligning himself with other notable eccentrics - Syd Barrett, Robyn Hitchcock, Bowie - for a generally off-kilter tableau of peculiar settings."

Under The Radar says "Either get out your bank card and hitch a ride, or step out of the way."


Pitchfork says since late 2008 or so Pollard has enjoyed a late-career renaissance, consistently rewarding those of us still paying attention...

Firenote says We All Got Out Of The Army peels back yet another layer of Bob's many musical avenues.
Pop Matters says these kooky songs pack an awkward punch.

The Fire Note says Mother Skinny is just plain sinister art rock

Erasing Clouds says Mother Skinny is a sick, fun romp, an excuse to indulge in the scariest and weirdest of imagery.
The Fire Note says that his pure look into the prolific GBV writing process is priceless
Pop Matters says listening to Zero to 99 is a rewarding experience

Spectrum Culture says Zero to 99 ranks amongst Bob's best

Bob's got a big barrel of good songs and Zero to 99 proves it, so says Chipomatic

Wires and Waves says bringing the pop hooks is what the Boston Spaceships do best

Pitchfork says on Zero to 99 Bob is making some of the best music of his life

Denver Post calls Zero to 99 the most compelling of all the Boston Spaceship releases

Fire Note says Bob saves the best for last with the release of Zero to 99

Crawdaddy enjoys Elephant Jokes

PopMatters says on Elephant Jokes Bob is at his most plainly joyful

The Fire Note says that Elephant Jokes find Bob making more two minutes or less music magic
BLURT calls Cosmos a celestrial treat

The Fire Note says having Bob and Richard Davies work together can only produce a top grade product
Under The Radar says its the crazy musical and lyrical musings that define Gringo

The All Music Guide says that all 16 tracks on Gringo fit together like a cohesive musical whole

Erasing Clouds says that Gringo is a good match of perfect pop and weirdness

Fire Note says that Gringo proves that the Circus Devils have no rules, boundaries or expectations

Citizen Dick says Gringo has a slew of songs that are insanly catchy
Treble says that The Planets Are Blasted is miles ahead of any current indie rockers

Paste calls The Planets Are Blasted another jaw-droppingly wondrous mashup of British Invasion jangle and lyrical non-sequiturs

The All Music Guide says that The Planets Are Blasted at its best hits the same giddy melodic heights as GBV's golden era

Salt Lake City Weekly says The Planets Are Blasted is one sharp punch after another

The Passion of Indie Music says The Planets Are Blasted are proof that the Boston Spaceships are an indie band to recon with

PopMatters says that The Planets Are Blasted proves that Boston Spaceships are Bob's excellent new rock band

The Harvard Crimson says The Planets Are Blasted offer more proof of Bob's prolific talents

Austin Town Hall says parts of The Planets Ar Blasted take you back to the days of GBV

I Rock Cleveland says The Planets Are Blasted are yet another reason to raise your Miller Lite to Bob

BuzzGrinder doesn't have a lot to say other than they love The Planets Are Blasted

BLURT says The Planets Are Blasted is just as abrasively charming as Brown Submarine

The Fire Note The Planets Are Blasted establish Boston Spaceships as an indie band to be reckoned with

Citizen Dick says The Planets Are Blasted show that Bob's work extends way past GBV

Losing Today says Boston Spaceships are just as good the second time around
A 4 Star Review from the London Times

Las Vegas CityLife says Bob is doing MOR just as good as he did lofi

City Beat says The Crawling Distance is Bob at his best

The Agit Reader says The Crawling Distance rolls everything into one quick, satisfying, chunk

Popmatters says Bob is back in a big way with The Crawling Distance

Erasing Clouds says The Crawling Distance captures that feeling of mighty, strident accomplishment that Pollard excels at

Spin calls Bob a balladeer

The Fire Note says The Crawling Distance picks up where Off To Business left off
MAGNET says that Brown Submarine's pleasures are inarguable

The All Music Guide says that Brown Submarine has an organic feel and a natural energy

Time Out New York suggests that Bob's beer cooler is indeed the fountain of youth

The Washington Post says Brown Submarine is filled with plenty of upsurges

BLURT says Brown Submarine is more from the hardest working man in indie-rock

PopMatters says Brown Submarine unites Bob's skilled songcraft and is rooted in music history, with eccentricity

A 4 Star Review from MOJO

Fire Note says Pollard's technique is in full force on Brown Submarine with clever melded lyrics that grab your attention

The Boston Herald calls Brown Submarine shows an ungodly festish for the British Invasion

Crawdaddy calls Brown Submarine a resplendant pop album

LosingToday says Brown Submarine adds more positive songs to the Bob ouvre
ALARM calls Bob a master craftsman

A 4 Star Review From The All Music Guide

The Phoenix says Off To Business achieves Bob's balance of indie and arena rock

Losing Today says Off To Business is good from start to finish

Tuscon Weekly calls Off To Business unadulterated joy

The Sunday Times says that the word GENIUS should be permanently marked on Bob's face

Live Journal says Off To Business is a great rock record

Fire Note says that Off To Business simply is proof that you can take the man away from GBV, but you can’t take the GBV out of the man!

The Fix says that on Off To Business, Bob delivers the goods

PopMatters says that with Off To Business, the club is open once again

Erasing Clouds says that Off To Business is a perfect title for Bob's new album

SPIN says that despite the label name Off To Business is no throwback

Uncut Magazine says that Off To Business rates amongst Bob's best
SPIN says all tracks on both albums are excellent

Brainwashed calls Standard Gargoyle Decisions one of the best rock records they have heard in a long time

The Fire Note says that Bob's new albums are pure evidence of why every Robert Pollard album is worth your time

The Denver Post says that Bob's new albums are as solid as any late period GBV album

Exclaim! Magazine says that Bob's two new albums just might be proof that Bob can still wow you

The Yale Daily News says that Bob continues to release far more quality pop rock any other single songwriter in our time

The College Times says that Bob's weird charms remain as distinct and uncompromising as any in rock music

Florida Weekly says long time GBV fans will be very pleased with Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love

The Orange County Business Journal says turning 50 is not going to slow Bob down a bit

Sentimentalist Magazine loves the dynamic onslaught on both new Bob albums

Jacksonville University's newspaper calls Bob the most important songwriter in America in the past 20 years

RetroLowFi calls Coast To Coast Carpet of Love a pop masterpiece calls Bob the perpetually prolific, massively tuneful, beer-swigging king of pop
Glide Magazine says that at times Sgt Disco is pure magic

The Fire Note says that Sgt Disco will please Bob fans as well as grab some new ones

Erasing Clouds calls Sgt. Disco the best Circus Devils release

Weekly Dig says that Sgt. Disco is about as close as you can get to 80s era GBV style

Newbury Comics calls Sgt. Disco a prog-pop space opera

Filter Mag says that hacking your way through Sgt. Disco is a worthwhile trip
Erasing Clouds says that Crickets is proof about how amazing Bob's non-GBV output is

Maxim Online says that Crickets is a perfect introduction to the great Fading Captain Series
Erasing Clouds says Bad Football is Bob and Chris playing music for us

The AllMusicGuide says that Bad Football is consistent, laid back and exciting

Crawdaddy says that Bad Football delivers the music that they want to hear

Retro Lo Fi calls Bad Football a straight up perfect rock and roll record

Un-checked Rage & Affection says Bad Football shows that Bob is still perfectly willing to be an occasional gang leader
Chart Attack says the Austin City Limits shows the power of the mighty G B V

NOW Magazine calls the Austin City Limits release a swell final bow
Uncut says Silverfish Trivia shows Bob's debt to English prog

Orange County Business Journal says Silverfish Trivia plays like a soundtrack to a yet unmade movie

VIEW Magazine says the beauty of the songs of Silverfish Trivia is impossible to ignore

A four star salute for Silverfish Trivia from the Orlando Sentinel

The Fire Note says that Silverfish Trivia shows that Bob still has plenty of surprises up his sleeve

RetrowLoFi calls Silverfish Trivia a wonder of a record

Erasing Clouds says Silverfish Trivia is a real treasure
Buzzgrinder calls Normal Happiness and album of Pollardian proportions

The Orange County Business Journal calls Normal Happiness one of the catchiest pop albums of the year

Glide Magazine says that Normal Happiness is like comfort food

Eye Magazine says Normal Happiness feels epic

Rocksound asks the question; How does he do it?

ScenePointBlank says Bob gives his fans EXACTLY what they want with Normal Happiness

The Cleveland Free Times says Normal Happiness contains more brilliant pop songs from Bob

eMusic says that Normal Happiness takes in nearly every quirky eccentricity Pollard possesses

HARP says Bob's new work makes it easier to forget GBV

The Sunday Times says Bob remains one of the great American auteurs in their Normal Happiness review

RetroLowFi calls Normal Happiness one of the best things Bob has done in a decade

The Onion calls Normal Happiness a collection of short, breezy power-pop songs with a lo-fi edge

MOJO give Normal Happiness the 4 star salute says Normal Happiness is filled with obscure lyrics, eccentric song titles, and massive hooks

Weekly Dig calls Normal Happiness a batch of hyper-prototypical Pollard-brand psychedelicate pop songs

A 4 star review from Snaz Music for Normal Happiness

Seattle Weekley says all the songs on Normal Happiness are mini epics

ChartAttack says Normal Happiness gives fans plenty to cheer about

MAGNET calls Normal Happiness the most efficent and exploratory Bob album in years
The Fire Note says the intensity is taken up a few notches on the new Psycho and the Birds EP
In their review of Blues and Boogie Shoes ScenePointBlank says Bob's world is a perfect view

Toronto's NOW Magazine calls Blues and Boogie Shoes a thoughtfully constructed set of cultivated pop

Stylus Magazine says the 3 new Fading Captain releases show that Bob continues to challange himself

Mundane Sounds calls Blues and Boogie Shoes brilliant

The Big Takeover says a least straight forward Tommy and a most straight forward Bob makes a great combo

The Fire Note calls Blues and Boogie Shoes a great combo of power pop tracks

AmpCamp says Blues and Boogie Shoes is as good as it gets

The Denver Post says Blues and Boogie Shoes provide melodic and rhythmic curveballs delight
Stylus Magazine says the 3 new Fading Captain releases show that Bob continues to challange himself

The All Music Guide says that Chris Sluarenko guides Bob through a musical journey of his past, present and future

Fire Note says Turn To Red feels like an early Bob solo album

The Orlando Sentinel says the Takeovers continues the Fading Captain "Basement Tape" feel
Stylus Magazine says the 3 new Fading Captain releases show that Bob continues to challange himself

The Fire Note says All That Is Holy is a typical Pollard explosion of great ideas

The Orlando Sentinel says Psycho and the Birds continues the Fading Captain "Basement Tape" feel
The Fire Note calls Compound Eye Bob's best solo work

First Coast News calls Compound Eye the perfect start to Bob's post GBV career

View Magazine says Compound Eye will definitely be seen as a classic LP in years to come

The Orange County Business Journal says that Compound Eye is an indie rock classic

The National Post calls Compound Eye the album that every indie dreamer wishes theycould make

Bumpershot says that Compound Eye sounds like a Bob best of

Coke Machine Glow calls Compound Eye Bob's White Album in one of the first reviews tat was ever done of the LP

PLAY says that Compound Eye shows Bob sounds like a man who's career is just beginning

Treble says that Compound Eye shows Bob is still rocking out

The London Times says Compound Eye is full of the usual unforgettable hooks

The Onion calls Compound Eye eclectic and overflowing in their A- review

Time Out New York says that Compound Eye recaptures the eccentricity of Bob's earlier work

Concert Live Wire says Compound Eye has something for everyone

WXPN's featured LP is From A Compound Eye

Las Vegas Wekly says that Compound Eye delivers the 4 P's

The Toronto Eye Weekly says that Compound Eye harkens back to earlier Bob releases

In their review of Compound Eye, Transformer Online calls Bob the most reliable songwriter we have

Montreal Mirror calls Compound Eye a PERFECT double album

SPIN says Compound Eye is filled with twisted, quirky pop gems

Giant gives Compound Eye an A (scrool to very bottom of page)

A four star review of Compound Eye from Toronto Now

Popmatters says that on Compound Eye, Uncle Bob continues to bring the noise

In their review, says that From A Compound Eye is sure to be on constant rotation

Newsday says From A Compound Eye is an album packed with surprises

Harp Magazine says Bob may have lost his band but NOT his ambition in their Compound Eye review

CMU in the UK says that thankfully on Compound Eye Bob has not changed his formula
Popmatters fantastic review of the Electrifying Conclusion DVD

The Pittsburgh City Paper says the Electrifying Conclusion captures one of America's greatest concerts of all time
Toronto Now gives the Electrifying Conclusion DVD 4 stars
Splendid says that Suitcase 2 eases the pain of GBV being gone

Mojo gives Suitcase 2 the 3 star salute

AllMusic calls Suitcase 2 a treat for fans to get access to Pollard's development as a songwriter

Pitchfork Media says that Suitcase 2 shows that contrary to popular belief, Pollard has a measure of control over his songwriting

Erasing Clouds says Suitcase 2 offers fans a deeper glimpse of Bob's creative process

The Orlando Weekly says that with Suitcase 2, Bob continues to release his daydreams
B-Side Whore says that Circus Devils Five is one of the most foward-sounding albums in Bob's archive

Music Underworld says that Circus Devils Five shows how good the bond between Bob and Todd is

4 star review for Circus Devils Five from the Detroit Weekly (scroll down)

All Music Guide says that Lightninghead to Coffee Pot shows that Bob is not close to the end