Robert Pollard News

10/3/12 The Big Hat & Toy Show: The Artwork of Robert Pollard & Tobin Sprout. This Friday, October 5 & Saturday, October 6 at The Library Is On Fire Headquarters in Bushwick Brooklyn, NY.

10/1/12 Thanks to everyone who came out to the Fall tour! Note: rumors of a New Years Eve show are not correct.

9/21/12 Boston Spaceships Greatest Hits! The best from the Spaceships as picked by Bob. European release by Fire. Also available at Rockathon Records (limited to only 250 copies for mail order).

9/18/12 Robert Pollard's new album, Jack Sell The Cow is out now! A superabundance of melody & densely-packed stylistic swerves. 12 songs, 32+ min. Order yours at Rockathon Records. Also newly availble from Rockathon - Eat 8 & Eat 9.

7/20/12 Mayor Gary Leitzell proclaims July 2012 as Guided By Voices Month in the city of Dayton. Watch video of the ceremony at Q Magazine.

7/16/12 Watch the official music video for "Keep It In Motion" at Pitchfork TV. Directed by Todd Lamb, starring comedian Jon Glaser ("Delocated") as a magician.

6/1/12 New Guided By Voices album, Class Clown Spots A UFO, is available digitally through iTunes and CDs & LPs in stores worldwide June 11/12.