On December 9/10 in New York City, Robert Pollard had his debut art exhibit called Do The Collage. The exhibit took place at Studio Dante and was very well attended and successful. The following pieces were the collages that were exhibited in New York and now YOU have a chance to purchase some of the collages from Do The Collage. Each of the pieces that are marked "FRAMED" are framed in a white metal frame with a white matte. The collage is raised a tiny bit off of the matte so you can see the depth and character of each piece. As such, the matte's do not touch the sides of the collage so you can see all the imperfections of each piece. The mattes run about 3 inches are all sides of the collage. To get an idea as to what the framed pieces look like see the picture above. More shots from the exhibit with the pieces can be seen at

All collages marked "UNFRAMED" are exactly that, just the actual collage not in a frame.

On the following pages you will see an image of the collage, the size of the collage and the price. All of these pieces are the ORIGINAL collages. These are not reproductions or copies.

For any information, to inquire about purchasing or to ask for a photo of the framed piece please contact Rich Turiel at